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Ecológico bonito

New Jotters

Cute diy Gift: Personalize a set of inexpensive moleskine cardboard books as a special gift! Add some fabulous pens for grownups or colorful markers for kids! Of course, I could always do one myself.

Happy birthday to miffy, born in Three rabbits behind a wall, Dick Bruna, 2003

Tarjeta en caja de cerillos

Inspired by the elements of greeting cards, gift boxes, and miniatures, these tiny cards are hand-crafted from real matchboxes and hand colored individually to give each of them that very personalized feel. But the best part has to do with the connection

Lápiz de madera del vendaje hechos a mano tapires hg tsmip vendimia diario del ordenador portátil pluma del caso de lápiz

I like the closure on this journal- Cuir crayon de bois bandage tapirs vintage main ordinateur portable journal, portable( stylo.