Novela: Un elefante bajo el parasol blanco

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Laos. Lao Wedding (with pictures from Tiva-Brett’s marriage by Angela Lin + two Frenchmen’s vécu in 1885 and 1990)

Bodas laosianas

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Laos - Events in 1945
Imperio francés en indochina y zonas de influencia británica

Historia de Laos

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L'Union Francaise, Les Etats Associes d'Indochine, 1953, par Lucien Logé

Transporte y viajes en Laos

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Dos siglos de guerras por la heroína
Laos: The Road to Vietnam | HistoryNet
Sai Gon 1969 by Darrel Lang

Guerra de Vietnam

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Angus McBride
Photograph of Kempeitai

Segunda Guerra Mundial: Francia e Indochina

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1947 Vintage Sewing Pattern B36 NEGLIGEE (1444) | eBay

Fashion, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s

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Spoken Lao

Lao: lengua y proverbios

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Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Sticky Rice Steamer - Thai & Lao Food
What to Eat in Laos: A Guide to the Best Laos Dishes - A Life Without Borders

Comida laosiana

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Lao: Vilayvanh | WordReference Forums
J'aime les prénoms lao (laotiens)et le mien est un prénom laotien et khmer aussi. Vous découvrirez une liste de prénom laotiens masculins et féminins...
My Family Lao: Prénom Firstname Lao

Nombres laosianos

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[Des pirogues sur le Nam Nua]
Sao Tên et Sao Cut (Thai Dam)
Laotiennes de Müong Hun

Ulysse, Archives Nationales d'Outre Mer

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Marie-Claire / dir. Jean Prouvost -- 1940-02-02 -- periodiques
Marie-Claire / dir. Jean Prouvost -- 1940-02-09 -- periodiques
Search: Indochine | Gallica

La presse, Gallica

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The days are numbered for a Little Vietnam on the banks of a river in southwestern France that for 50 years has housed widows and children of French soldiers who died in Indochina. After half a century of neglect by the French state, the Center for the Reception of the French of Indochina is to be demolished and its residents rehoused.


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Kazuo Hasegawa
Tanaka Kinuyo   1940s Japanese star
Average Weather in March in Nagoya, Japan - Weather Spark

Nagoya, 1946

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a book with an image of a woman in a boat
Presentación literaria: Un elefante bajo el parasol blanco | Portal web del Ayuntamiento de Badajoz
a woman sitting at a table writing in a book with a pen and paper next to her
a woman standing in front of an old castle with a red rose in her hand
a smiling woman wearing glasses standing in front of a window
Literatura en mi pueblo 2024
Literatura en mi pueblo 2024
the poster for an event in spanish
Literatura en mi pueblo 2024
Literatura en mi pueblo 2024
a book with an image of a woman in a boat on the water and text that reads,'un elefante bao
El próximo viernes, 26 de abril a las 18:30 h., tendrá lugar en la B.P.M. Santa Ana un encuentro literario con la autora extremeña Elena...Leer más
a group of people sitting in front of a book shelf filled with books and laptops
a woman holding up a book in front of her face and smiling at the camera
a woman with glasses smiling in front of a window
Elena Álvarez presenta su tercera novela en Badajoz
an image of a book cover with the title un effeantee bajoel parasol
Elena Álvarez presenta en Badajoz su novela 'Un elefante bajo el parasol blanco'
the flyer for an event with a photo of a woman in glasses and text that reads libros
an old map of france with all the major cities
L'Union Francaise, Les Etats Associes d'Indochine, 1953, par Lucien Logé
a woman sitting on the ground next to a man in an orange robe and white shirt
The Alms Ceremony of Luang Prabang - This Human Tribe
an old map shows the location of several towns
a book sitting on top of a wooden table next to some flowers and a candle
Lan Xang Hom Khao. El reino de millón de elefantes bajo el parasol blanco...