The difference between women and men during rugby: one, the men will roll around on the ground crying after being surprise hugged. Two, the women look like they just survived Gladiator and walk it off. Any questions?

Please note: Women vs. I'm a man and I fully respect women's football/soccer (I'm British) the women can take a real beating and still go on while the men are brushed by the wind and cry!

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intensa y dramática

☆ I was born to be intense and dramatic (not dramatic in my case, I hate drama)

Porque muchos de ustedes lo merecen y lo están pidiendo. ¡Con ustedes… #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

Tu Secreto Fails 3

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diosesencuerposhumanos: JAJA...SONRÍE, LA VIDA ES BELLA...!!

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¿Cómo coño? Eso está casi imposible XD

Tu Secreto Fails - Me Caí de La Bici

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