Para secciones y alzados by Sukanto Debnath!

Commuters 1 by Sukanto Debnath! // it's a spring break goal to take each of these groups and write character frames for each of them. Then maybe one might turn into a good protagonist:)

Batman y el Guasón

Awesome Batman and Spider-Man Long Format Fan Art by Tim Odland

Mapa de Madrid - Cathrine Finnema illustration

Madrid Map, Spain, illustrated map, travel guide madrid, tour guide spain www.

Kyoto Bento Map | Bento&Co Blog …

"Make your BENTO in KYOTO" map from Yum Yum traveling magazine. We eat times daily, so meals are a crucial part of tourism.

Manjit Thapp | TEARDUSK

We recently caught up with Manjit Thapp and spoke about her journey as an artist. Young, modest and fresh out of university, Manjit, is a talented illustrator, who has got off to a surprisingly.