Hip Hop Dancer. Great Dynamic Dance Photo shoot pose.  find #jazz and #hiphop inspirations at #monicaHahnPhotography

Hip Hop Dancer, Monica Hahn /// wanna take a moment to say, how freakin beautiful this is, this is passion, surrendering to the music

Jar of fairy lights

I want to catch fireflies in a jar then release them and watch them fly away into the night

Will Smith by platon

black people men actors will smith hats faces black background wallpaper – Actors Wallpapers

"poluído" de texturas/estampas. postura de tirador de onda elegante

Rapper African Boy wearing Babatunde Trilby with matching umbrella from SOBOYE. Photograph by Hassan gf

Josef Koudelka

Czechoslovakia, August Josef Koudelka positioned a passerby to show the exact time that Soviet troops invaded Prague.

Larry Towell

Master shooter, and just plain straight-shooter, Larry Towell — I’d like him in my camera bag (or on my shoulder), to keep reminding me to use the light and wait for the moments.