La belle aux papillons

Movezerb, "La belle aux papillons" ("Beautiful Butterflies"--or butterfly--not sure which. One of my favorites.

McGrath illustr Love this drawing. I always felt this happy  going to the library getting another stack of books!

McGrath illustration 🎨 She always feels happy going to the library


Squires Squires Salazar that´s a perfect pic of me today! only differences, i wear my contact lenses.

Mouse in a paper boat by stressiecat on Etsy, $25.00

Giclee Archival Matt Print Mouse Sails Paper Boat Whimsical Birds 8 x 16 Inch

"La Gran Fábrica de las Palabras" - de Agnés de Lestrade e ilustraciones de Valeria Docampo de Editorial Sleepyslaps.

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