Past simple revision. Key and Audio file link provided. The second exersise is useful to read figures and learn facts about the titanic sinking.Here you are the link for the audio file: http:& - ESL worksheets

Useful language: Describing Places worksheet - Free ESL printable worksheets made by teachers

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Topics for essays for english composition 1 and 2 English Composition II is a course designed to, to understand the research topic. Compose essays that incorporate research and. 1 in-class essay.

Opinion essay prompts esl worksheets Worksheet Viewer Page. Opinion Essay Writing Prompts Worksheet About This Worksheet: A great list of topics to get your started with your opinionated pieces.

Stories and Exercises to Practice the Simple Tenses

Stories and Exercises to Practice the Simple Tenses in English - A unique series of five books: a book for each simple tense, a book for all the simple tenses mixed, and an additional book for speech practice of these tenses