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six different types of beer bottles next to each other
Boréale Artisan Series Packaging by lg2
Love the packaging transformation for Boréale Artisan Series designed by lg2 . Great to see the before and after! To be more closely in ...
an image of some kind of decorative item in the process of being made with glass
Fishers Gin - The Spirit of The Coast. Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England.
Fisher's Gin has a beautiful bottle and nice box.
two bottles are shown side by side one has a cow on it
Assam Milk Tea l mousegraphics
six plates stacked on top of each other with different designs and colors in the middle
Pure - Health Products
Pure. This is so pretty I had to go back and get all the botanical #illustrations #packaging PD - created via
a chicken is sitting on top of a piece of paper that says, laid by matilda, harriet, biscuit & pecky primose house
Address Stamps
Chicken Egg Box Stamp
three shelves with different types of bottles on top of each other and labels above them
STENHALLEN Branding & Packaging
STENHALLEN Branding & Packaging on Behance by Jenny Vesterlund curated by Packaging Diva PD. Examination project in Graphic Design & Communication. The task was to make a cultural project in Sundsvall (a town in North of Sweden)
a card with pasta in the shape of a woman's head
Pasta packing concept – Feel Desain | your daily dose of creativity
Pasta packing concept | Feel Desain
an assortment of black and white objects with brown tags on them, including the top one for
Rio Negro Water
#bottle #water #black #cardboard #package #packaging #cool
three different types of cans with animals in the top one is pink, brown and white
Oink Oink, un happy packaging multipremiado de Supperstudio
Oink Oink, un happy packaging multipremiado de Supperstudio
an assortment of different types of bottles and spoons with the same design on them
Bodegas Nazaríes wines
there are many different colored papers flying in the air
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Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #2122
three cardboard boxes with earbuds in them on top of each other, one opened and the other closed
Woodbuds are earphones made from sustainable sourced wood and bio-plastic. And they come in this amazing cardboard packaging. We're in love.
an open cardboard box with eggs in it and tags attached to the inside one side
some papers are hanging on the wall and there is no image above them to describe
tea - Victor design.
three different views of the same product in red and pink colors, with two bottles next to each other
Veneto Merlot design de garrafa por Nicola Commito ..
label / Veneto Merlot bottle design by Nicola Commito #wine #packaging