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Batman Gotham Girls Catwoman Harley Quin Zatanna Batgirl Poison Ivy inspired Gil Elvgren Pin Up prints Carla Wyzgala Carlations

Batman and Catwoman

Characters: Catwoman (Selina Kyle) & Batman (Bruce Wayne) / From: DC Comics 'Batman' & 'Detective Comics' / Cosplayers: Unknown

I need a dog this big

I pinned this because Great Danes are my favourite type of dog and when I am older I want to have one before I have a kid. I just love how big great Danes are compared are to babies and kids, also I love how they are such gentle dogs.

5 Dogs with absolutely amazing fur | The Pet's Planet

28 Dogs With Extraordinary Fur Patterns And Markings Like You’ve Never Seen Before: Animals, Dogs, Pets, Puppy, Zebra

The POMSKY- Pommeranian/Siberian Husky. They do not get much bigger than the Pomeranian, yet they have the adorable appearance of the husky!

The POMSKY- Pomeranian/Siberian Husky. They stay Pomeranian size. I want onThe POMSKY- Pomeranian/Siberian Husky. They stay Pomeranian size.

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2010 Ford Super Sport Car Concept Segway racing car Electric Vehicle // Is it a motorcycle? Is it a car? Yes to both.