Pretty much

" me: *tries to talk* - gets ignored - gets interrupted - gets talked over - no one pays attention - no one cares Yup. My life


EASTER EGG COUNT inside the bag of animal crackers, there is a brelooms head (obviously it’s in cracker form). breloom is my favorite pokemon.

2k16 election

I Like This Drawing Style "Accurate but then I found out Trump won the election :P

Theirs centers  #rotg #riseoftheguardians

Their centers. But dammmm Jack Frost and I'm just here in the dark fangirling. Also deciding if I ship Jack x Bunnymund or Bunnymund vs Pitch for Jack more.

ARTICLE: "Waking Up: A Journey", Sarah C. Andersen ☆

This Comic Shows Why Mornings Are the Worst

ARTICLE: "Waking Up: A Journey", Sarah C. Andersen ☆ (poor,cute, little alarm clock)

This was seriously me

We had to do a day without ur phones at school and this is what I thought was going to happen