Ponferrada Castle, Galicia - Spain - EUROPE

Ponferrada Castle, Galicia, Spain -- Oh yes! I can definitely see myself cavorting about this place with my crusader outfit pretending to siege the place. (Yes, I'm but that doesn't mean one can't have childish fun!

Blackrock Castle in Cork city, Ireland [3 pictures]

Blackrock Castle, formerly Mahon Castle, is a century castle located about from the heart of Cork city, Ireland on the banks of the River Lee.

Castillo de Butrón, Gatika, Vizcaya, Spain

Castillo de Butrón, Gatika, Vizcaya, Spain, the castle in every fairy tale dream

Lichtenstein Castle, Germany

I was a child when we visited several castles in Germany. So check this one off as well :) Lichtenstein Castle, Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany. The original Cinderella Castle.

10 Incredible Castles Around the World

10 Incredible Castles Around the World

The Alcazar of Segovia, Spain. Believed to be built as a fortress during the Roman occupation, Segovia Castle is where Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand met for the first time.

Black Rhinos at Sunset, Etosha National Park, Namibia

Black rhinos at sunset-Etosha National Park, Namibia Africa by Michael Sheridan