¿NOS VAMOS DE PICNIC? ( shall we go for a PICNIC?)
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#Ideas y #recetas para coger la cesta, organizar y disfrutar de un día de picnic. #CestasDePicnic (Ideas and recipes to take the basket, organize and enjoy a picnic)
PICNIC EN LAS ROCAS. UTILIZA UNOS TABLONES A MODO DE MESA IMPROVIDASA (picnic beside the sea) #IdeasParaPicnics #PicnicsDeVerano

Bohemian Beach Bride On Sunny Croatian Shores

Bohemian beach bride weddings in Croatia photography by Sarah Falugo

CHIPS DE VERDURAS (Beet and Potato Chips with Thyme Rock Salt) #RecetasParaPicnics

pictureperfectforyou: “(via Sips and Spoonfuls: Beet and Potato Chips with Thyme Rock Salt) ”

PAN HORNEADO EN MACETA DE BARRO (Brot im Blumentopf) #RecetasParaPicnics #RecetasOriginales

Brot im Blumentopf / Tontopf backen

Brot im Tontopf / Blumentopf backen // bread in a flower pot (Summer Baking)

Ladies Beach Picnic. The idea is to pack individual wooden box baskets, filled with delicious eats, paper and bamboo plates and bowls (all biodegradable of course). For decor give old glass bottels a new life with ribbons and spray paint.

Ladies Beach Picnic Inspiration

Beautiful Summer Party Ideas - tent/marquee on the beach with crates for tables

BROCHETAS DE ENSALADA (Picnic Salad Skewers) #RecetasParaPicnics #BrochetasFrias #IdeasParaBrochetas

Picnic Salad Skewers

Picnic Salad Skewers ~ These make-ahead kabobs are a fun way to serve a chilled salad. A homemade vinaigrette complements the tender potatoes, crisp peppers, cherry tomatoes and sliced zucchini.

ENSALADA DE GARBANZOS Y MAIZ (Corn and Chickpea Salad Recipe) #RecetasParaPicnics

Corn and Chickpea Salad

Grilled corn is a summertime favorite. Here it's added to fresh vegetables and topped with a citrus-herb dressing for a delicious, light salad. Recipe: Corn and Chickpea Salad

HAZ TU PROPIO MANTEL DE PICNIC (No-sew picnic blanket) #diy

no-sew picnic blanket

no-sew picnic blanket. This or tie blankets which i would use for the Wedding reception as Picnic Blankets,

PASTEL DE MANZANA "ENLATADO" (Apple Pie In A Can) #RecetasParaPicnics #CocinaDivertida #RecetasOriginales

Apple Pie In A Can

#diy PORTACUBIERTOS PARA PICNIC HECHOS CON BOLSAS DE PAPEL Y WASHI TAPE (Easy Picnic Utensil Holders) #FiestaPicnic #IdeasParaPicnics

Easy Picnic Utensil Holders: paper “lunch” bags: Stamps, stickers, etc. Paper napkins ~ Personalize or identical ~ The best part is that each person can use the paper sack to gather their trash when they are done!

PASTEL SALADO DE ACEITUNAS, PIMIENTOS, CHORIZO Y QUESO FETA (cake poivrons, chorizo,olives pistaches) #RecetasParaPicnics

PASTEL SALADO DE ACEITUNAS, PIMIENTOS, CHORIZO Y QUESO FETA (cake poivrons, chorizo,olives pistaches) #RecetasParaPicnics