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Exibição de fotos quadrado preto & branco da parede. Com um tamanho consistente e formato (e espaço da parede suficiente!), Você pode adicionar fotos ao longo dos anos para uma bela e única linha de tempo da família.

We all have blank walls, but not everyone is an artist and few of us have the budget for one-of-a-kind works. If you want the wall space in your home to be furnished, colorful, and personal, how about trying your hand at one

13 cosas útiles que puedes hacer con los tapones de corcho.

To the rescue: a wine cork! Simply poke a hole in one end of the cork with a small nail, then use a sharp knife to cut a narrow sliver out of the other end. Insert the earbud plug into the hole, wrap the wires around the middle of the cork and slide the e