Out of paper

66 Pins
four different shapes and sizes of paper in black and white colors, including an abstract sculpture
multiple images and text pins - Pin Them All
Gallery of pins created with pin them all : multiple images and text pins - Pin Them All
an abstract sculpture is shown next to the same image as it appears in black and white
A Graphic Designer Who Thinks Like an Architect
Karl Nawrot creates type, illustrates, and draws abstract graphic compositions. What makes the French designer stand out from others in the trade though, is his overarching architectural sensibility. Nawrot uses techniques usually associated with the architectural process to create letterforms drawn
there are two pictures with different things in the same photo and one has a guitar on it
Prisma Guitars | Cool Material
Prisma Guitars Are Made from Old Skateboards Good for knife handle, diy cigar box guitars etc...
the ukulele is made out of wood
Lardy Fatboys Ukulele of the Day
three different types of faucets are shown in this graphic art printable version
Gilbert Legrand
I'm loving the work of Gilbert Legrand. It's great to go through his sculpture portfolio and try and figure out what the original objects are.
an open book with a face made out of it's arms and legs, holding a pair of scissors
isidro ferrer litereturainfantil.es
two wooden blocks in a cardboard box on the ground, one is holding a bottle
Petite boîte
Petite boîte by Lili Scratchy. Phénoménal!
some kind of wooden structure made out of sticks
Avviso di reindirizzamento
Licorise Root
several different types of paper are stacked on top of each other in this photo collage
rockin' scissors paper. - sfgirlbybay
Jennifer Collier
a man's tongue sticking out from his black dress shoe on white background with space for text
the annie show - thecollectivecollage: “No Title” by Jorge...
Jorge Chamorro
a pencil is sticking out of a piece of paper that has been cut into the shape of a cupcake
triangle stamps...good idea!
a poster with a skull wearing glasses and the words journe mondale de la libertte de la presse
May 3, World Press Freedom Day By El Rubencio.