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a drawing of an old man with his hair pulled back and eyes closed, looking to the side
a drawing of a woman hugging a polar bear
‘Pin-Up: La exposición’
Annette Marnat | Annette Marnat
a drawing of a woman holding a bow and arrow
the art of animation
Ygritte from TheArtOfAnimation
an image of a wave with birds flying around it
Homage to Hokusai's "Great Wave Off Kanegawa" made for cover of Giant Robot Magazine in 2003. Uprisings by kozyndan, via Behance
an open children's book with illustrations of fish and hand on the front cover
Книжный шкаф. Часть 1.
ЧжуХи Юн
a drawing of a monkey sitting on top of a wooden bench next to a white wall
The Zoo Keeper
jonklassen2: here’s how that monkey from yesterday turned out.
a drawing of a woman's face with an eye patch on her cheek and nose
Guim Tió Zarraluki
Guim Tió Zarraluki (b1977, Barcelona)
a painting of a woman standing in front of a tree
Karolis Strautniekas Illustrations – Best of 2016
Karolis Strautniekas, Editorial illustration for Citizen K magazine.
an image of people walking down the street in different colors and patterns on white paper
Jesus Cisneros
jesus cisneros
a drawing of a woman with red hair
Lord of the Flies. Spanish illustrator: Jorge González. SM4
a bird nest with an egg in it's nest on top of the head
La imaginación en el mundo surrealista de Simon Prades - Cultura Inquieta
simonprades culturainquieta7