13 Pins
a drawing of a woman with flowers in her hair and an orange flower crown on her head
11/30 KURI (vendida anoche) "—¿Y quién es ella? ¡Seguro que es compañera de Brisa y Nim! ¿A que sí? —Eso es, ella es Kuri, es la que hace…
an abstract painting with pink and yellow colors
"Júbilo." Elisa Beltrán de Heredia -Acrílicos-
an abstract painting with blue, pink and purple colors on it's border is shown
Mancha boceguillas
an abstract painting with blue, purple and green colors on it's edges is shown
Boceguillas - Elisa Beltrán de Heredia -
a white bench sitting in front of a painting on the wall
"Sencillamente nada." Elisa Beltrán de Heredia - Acrílicos -
an abstract painting with blue and yellow colors
Mancha - Elisa Beltrán de Heredia - acrílicos, lejia y tinta negra
an abstract cityscape with buildings in the background
Aquí los locos lo pasamos bien - Elisa Beltrán de Heredia - tinta negra y acuarelas
an abstract painting with red and purple paint on it's surface, in the middle of white background
Rojo -Elisa Beltrán de Heredia - acrilicos y pinta uñas
a blurry image of an animal in the woods
Humo negro -Elisa Beltrán de Heredia- tinta negra y pasteles
an abstract painting with yellow, red and green colors on black background that appears to be grungy
lejía y pasteles -Elisa Beltrán de Heredia -
an abstract painting with yellow and black colors on the wall next to a clock tower
lejía y pasteles -Elisa Beltrán de Heredia -
a man riding a skateboard down a street next to tall buildings
óleo y acuarela - Elisa Beltrán de Heredia -
an abstract black and white painting with brush strokes
Tinta negra - Elisa Beltrán de Heredia -