Pantone animals.

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Coffee in the mountains.

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The Great Outdoors, Canoeing, Paddle, Life S, Beautiful Images, Boats, Vermont, Flow, Freedom

Usha Prajapati — Freunde von Freunden

In the Indian district of Gaya, in Bihar, stands the tree under which the Buddha received enlightenment. Its roots are ancient but every season new leaves appear on the tree’s branches and new generations gather under it, seeking the legend of the Buddha.

Palm & purple

Aubergine interiors, be inspired by this mysterious and majestice color, just the ticket to get you in the mood for autumn,

artist Reto Boller’s




Details and Subtractions - By Maurizio Di Iorio and Ioannis Nikiforakis . Player 1 "Human Being" by Maurizio Di Iorio .