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katiekashmir: Amethyst has a calming yet spiritually protective energy that makes is good for any type of dream work… lucid dream, astral projection, past life regression, prophetic dreams etc. It can also help overcome insomnia and/or nightmares for some people and may help the bearer awake very refreshed and energized. Amethyst is considered to be a stone of spirituality and contentment. It can help raise a lower vibration energy to a higher one. Remember this should yo...

In Western Culture, the color purple is a symbol of wealth and royalty. People that rule places are often seen wearing the color purple. It is sometimes seen as artificial because it isn't often seen in nature. Purple is also the color of mourning widows

COLOR ❤ LILA + LAVANDA ♡ Purple Home

I have always wanted a purple or lavender Victorian painted-lady house. When I went to San Francisco for the time with my mom, i insisted on going on a house tour and that is when I started dreaming and I knew what house I wanted.

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What an astounding array of colors -- from violet to rose and even deep purple. Aren't the leaded glass windows beautiful? I wonder why the doors have padlocks on them. The windows have an arched design. Maybe it's a church.

diamante para cada dia

Amethyst Are your kids interested in collecting rocks? Help them start their collection with these tips.

Violetas para las ratas

purple peonies, I never knew that my favorite flower came in the color purple! The color purple represents Fibromyalgia , and I live with that on a daily basis!