Dans la salle de bain ?

DIY Jewelry wood and brass hanging necklace display rack and por fairlywell Walnut brown

Yummy baby food combos sure to please your baby

27 Easy DIY Baby Foods

27 Easy DIY Baby Foods to make in my new Baby Bullet!

Cool idea!

Sippy Cup Leash, Sippy Cup Strap, Suction Sippy Strap, New Baby Gift, Christmas Gift - Black Pink Dots

This is a great Sippy Strap for all the sippy cup throwing toddlers out there! This durable Sippy Strap is made of a double layer of ribbon,

Stranger danger isn't cutting it. Learn these great tips to keep your kids safe!

Beyond Stranger Danger: Tips That Can Save Your Kid's Life

Stranger danger isn't cutting it anymore. We need to go beyond that and teach our children specific tips on how to keep themselves safe when in danger. Beyond Stranger Danger: 6 Off the Wall Tips That Can Save Your Kid’s Life

BUILD A Children’s Arbor Bench-ANA WHITE

BUILD A Children's Arbor Bench-ANA WHITE

Build A Children’S Arbor Bench-ANA WHITE - Here is a crafty design that is fun to build. An outdoor project made especially for kids to enjoy, relax, and sit comfortably in a Children’s Arbor bench from the plans of Ana White.

I like this plan. | how to ground your kid

Actually I like the ideas and point system for chores/nice things to do. Make it a fun thing, not about being grounded.


Kawaii Cuties Sweet Merida The Brave Necklace Polymer Clay Disney Cartoon. via Etsy. nerd-im-an-intellectual-badass

formal & informal place settings cheat sheet

here is a formal & informal place settings cheat sheet -- I can never remember, either!

Tamaño de tartas. Que buena idea para calcular el tamaño de nuestras tartas segun el numero de invitados. A nuestro Charamuscos les va a ser de gran ayuda

Betty Crocker Recetas e Ideas - Latin America

shoe closet!

A Union Square Pad

Interior designer Michelle Smith ingeniously turned a shallow, unused living room closet into a place to store (and display) her shoes; to keep her collection under control, she limits herself to the number of pairs that will fit the space

lol..just chillin

Cutest Animal Twins Photography - Does anyone know what type of monkey they…

Polymer Clay Chibi

girl with umbrella polymer

LOVE this idea.

DIY::Newborn Baby Shadow Box:: What a great idea or Gift ! (hospital bracelets,hats etc.

Сómo limpiar la lavadora. Trucos sencillos de limpieza efectiva.

Сómo limpiar la lavadora. Trucos sencillos de limpieza efectiva.

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"El camino de la educación"

The path of education