Elena Carrión Cruceira

Elena Carrión Cruceira

Elena Carrión Cruceira
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Goku pequeño con su abuelo Son Gohan.

My new Dragon Ball illustration! I wanted to make a tribute to Grandpa Gohan and his life with baby Goku.And everyone knows that rainy days are more nostalgic! Im happy with this illustration, I .

Yo, tratando de hacer un favor...

How nice of you, Vegeta! Kicking Goku over to Piccolo, while he's suffering from a heart virus -_-' . He must love him so muchXD

Goku y su nube :)                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Finally watching Dragon Ball (not.lol) I told my coworker that it was too scary looking, so I am getting conditioned to not be afraid anymore lol! Turns out it's fairly great, there's absolutely no consistency in this world and Goku has a thing f