"Provocaciones", invitaciones al aprendizaje. Provocations, invitations to the learning

an advertisement for the shape of me and other stuff in front of a leafy background
Dr. Seuss The Shape of Me and Other Stuff {Virtual Book Club for Kids}
Dr. Seuss The Shape of Me and Other Stuff {Virtual Book Club for Kids}
a young boy sitting at a table cutting out paper shapes with scissors and a book in the background
Liz Smallwood on Instagram: “An invitation to explore and cut shapes of things inspired by another Dr. Seuss book! #invitationtocut #finemotoractivity…”
Make a giant mandala with recycled materials Art Montessori, Montessori Art, Invitation To Play, Loose Parts, Collaborative Art, Fine Motor Activities, Yoga For Kids, Preschool Art, Sensory Play
Suite de la promenade dans la nature - Les cahiers de Joséphine
Make a giant mandala with recycled materials
there are many different items on the table together, such as toys and magnets
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a wooden table topped with lots of different types of dishes and utensils on top of it
Extraordinary Classroom: Provocation - an invitation to explore leaves
a child is writing on sand with a white pen and some shells in the background
An Everyday Story - Baby Gifts, Kids Toys & Motherhood
Reggio-inspired Activities for Children
three pictures showing how to make numbers out of sand
Pattern Play and Number Cards
Reinforce your counting, while building critical thinking skills and developing visual discrimination, with these two math activities to accompany the book Ten Black Dots // @mamamissblog
a basket with toothbrushes in it sitting on a table next to a sign that says can you make these shapes?
Reggio-inspired mathematics: geometry kit
Can you make these shapes? - popsicle sticks
a living room filled with furniture and plants
Blue House Infant and Toddler Atelier
a wooden shelf filled with lots of food
Mobile Enhancements Unit http://earlyexcellence.com/product/mobile-enhancement-unit-3-7yrs/
a table topped with pots and pans filled with different types of food on top of it
Beautiful invitation to explore scent with cinnamon play dough, fresh rosemary & lemons at an 'Eclipse Early Learning Center' - shared by Mia Cavalca (",)
a table topped with lots of different types of shells and plants next to a window
Play to Learn
a child's wooden train set with cars and trees on the table next to it
Play to Learn
a wooden table topped with lots of toys and plants on top of it's sides
Play to Learn
two children sitting at a table with rocks and paper
Every rock has a story...Our new inquiry!
two pictures with some writing on them and one has a pair of scissors in it
Helen Chapman (@playing_in_k)
Invitations and documentation
the cover of nature trays and nature tables roundup at living montesson now
Nature Trays and Nature Tables
#openended discovery with Nature Trays and Nature Tables
a little boy pouring blue liquid into a cup
Water Transfer with a baster into muffin tin; scissor skills
a person reaching for some food in a drawer with the words what is a provocation?
What is a Provocation? | Reggio Inspired Learning | Racheous
What is a Provocation? | Reggio Inspired Learning - Racheous - Lovable Learning
several children sitting at a table with their hands together
Exploring shapes on the table in preschool
A fun shape learning/recognition activity. Just tape each shape on a table or the floor and then with a bucket of shapes allow the kids to categorize them.
a child's drawing is shown on the table with rocks and a paper towel
Rock sculpture and observational drawing - Garden Gate Child Development Center
there are some rocks and spoons on the table with words written on each one
ABC playcenter Spanish immersed program ≈≈ http://www.pinterest.com/kinderooacademy/provocations-inspiring-classrooms/
an assortment of plants are on display in a classroom
Love the Andy Goldsworthy in the corner for inspiration
two children playing with sand and water in a playroom filled with rocks, pebbles and plants
Home - New Horizons Preschool
Exploring rock pools @ New Horizons Preschool
several baskets filled with colorful plastic toys on top of a white table next to mirrors
Back to Basics with Spielgaben Educational Toys - Twodaloo
the table is set up with baskets and candy for each individual to use in their game
a table topped with eggs in nests next to a sign that says make a nest
Nests, revisited…
Clay work at the Art Studio: Clay nest provocation. Can you make a nest that fits an egg? Can you add texture to your nest? bird inquiry
there is a vase with tulips in it next to some markers and pens
Our Programs — Vancouver Child Study Centre
An invitation to explore the colors and lines of nature at Vancouver Child Study Centre in British Columbia.