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many bowls filled with different types of spices
The Souk in Marrakech, Morocco
an alley way with lots of colorful rugs on the ground
Medina of Essaouira
Morocco. 'Medina of Essaouira'. Photograph by Fil.ippo, via Flickr. Photo taken March 4 2010.
an outdoor market with lots of colorful pottery
Meknes, Morocco
a person standing in front of an archway
The old city of Fez, Morocco
white buildings with red tiled roofs and flowers growing on them
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Los Castillejos, Andalucía
lanterns floating in the water on a river at night with people walking along side it
Hiroshima Lantern Festival
Lantern Festival. Hiroshima, Japan
an intricate design on the side of a building with blue and yellow tiles in it
Moroccan patterns
Moroccan patterns by Shahrazad26, via Flickr
a stack of folded clothes sitting on top of each other
Death By Elocution
a narrow street with colorful buildings on both sides and a church in the background,
an alley way with flowers growing on it
Bouganville di Ameglia, Liguria Italy
a man is standing in front of a blue building pouring water from a jug into a bucket
Fountain . Chaouen . Morocco
an ornate archway with potted plants on the side
Beautiful Portals
several decorative vases are lined up against the wall
a red building with a clock tower in front of a cityscape at sunset