De aquí nos gustaba más la idea de estantería con libros y un panel (pero nos parece excesivo en un solo cuerpo.

A Son Is Free to Return. All of the Books, Maybe Not.

Great idea for hiding the TV could work in any decor Fireplace or not! A sliding wall above the fireplace (a ventless model from Hearth Cabinet) conceals the television. Hide the TV in a variation on this theme?

Puerta corredera

Sliding Wall System from Raydoor the elegant room dividing solution Pretty cool for those open floor plans that you might not

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Puertas correderas tipo granero

How to add a sliding "barn style" door, DIY barn style door, how to update your doors with a fresh modern look. by Alli Pee

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modulos besta

Ikea Besta units - I love the idea of a complete wall of units.Could be used in any room including a kitchen or playroom. The glossy finish reflects light back into the room and would hide a multitude of clutter.

How to Hack Sliding Doors for IKEA BILLY Bookcases | Apartment Therapy

How To Hack Sliding Doors for IKEA BILLY Bookcases

I thought I& already found the best example of a BILLY hack already —these built-ins from Gwen of Makerista, which we posted early last year. Then this project came to my attention, and I& made room in my heart for two loves instead of just one.

Los tonos grises, ocres y negros que recorren esta casa de Amsterdam nos invitan a disfrutar de cada rincón y saborear los últimos retazos ...

A beautiful outdoor space in the heart of Amsterdam. Rustic wood plank table, mossy, brick patio floor and big, open windows