Man Ray the definitive surrealist photographer
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And superlative portrait photographer. I have compiled a list of those who I consider to be the world's greatest photographers with links where possible to their websites:
"Noire et Blanche", Man Ray

© Man Ray (aka Emmanuel Radnitzky), Noire et blanche Man Ray’s Noire et blanche is a photograph exemplary of Surrealist art. The striking faces of the pale model and the dark mask have a.

man ray

In keeping with tradition, today I celebrate another milestone with a fabulous image from surrealist artist Man Ray from Huge Thank you to everyone. Man Ray - The Kiss 1930 Other amazing Images we have already celebrated with:

Man Ray, Berenice Abbott, 1921

Berenice Abbott (July 1898 December born Bernice Abbott, was an American photographer best known for her black-and-white photography of New York City architecture and urban design of the learned from Ray Mann in Paris

Salvador Dali & Man Ray

Salvador Dalí and Man Ray in Paris, on June 1934 making "wild eyes" for photographer Carl Van Vechten -artistic/literary expatriates in Paris in the and

Man Ray in his Paris Studio

Man Ray in in his Paris studio 1923 Studio Man Ray 2 bis Rue Ferou Paris (side streets around Walk and close to Luxembourg)

Man Ray - Self portrait - 1932

Man Ray Self-Portrait with Camera, 1932 by Man Ray. Man Ray Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery Feb 7 to 27 May. 150 images of his assistant and lover Lee Miller, plus friends including Dali and Picasso.

Photo of Benjamin Fondane (1898 – 1944, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Romanian and French poet, playwright, literary critic) by Man Ray, Paris, 1928

Multiple head photography galore today: Photo of Benjamin Fondane by Man Ray, Paris, 1928 (Source) Benjamin Fondane (Nov. 1898 – Auschwitz-Birkenau) was a Romanian and French poet,.