For the minimalist create a spiral Christmas tree without decorations! (I'd drill small holes in it to hang homemade ornaments!

Te enseñamos cómo hacer unos bellos adornos de Navidad con bombillos reciclados, no te pierdas este paso a paso.

Snowmen ornaments made from light bulbs! I replaced all my old light bulbs with energy efficient ones, and never knew what to do with the old ones! Great way to repurpose them!

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I like how this is not too "branch-y" I'd spray paint them parshly white and add bunches of flowers to match the color palette, some hanging with jewels

árboles de navidad creativos 11

Wine Cork Christmas Tree - 2 layers of corks on a paper mache cone

árbol de navidad hecho con ramas / Árboles de Navidad creativos #hogarhabitissimo

Do you live in a small apartment or home? Do you dread the messes that come with a live tree? Before you decide to throw out the entire idea of this holiday tradition, take a peek at these 17 alternative Christmas trees.