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an image of people doing different things in the same place, and one man is hanging on
8.3.3 roles of people involved in systems development
IMAGEN-2 El trabajo en equipo explicó
a group of men standing on top of train tracks next to each other with the words team work written above them
Trabajo en Equipo
IMAGEN-6 HUELEMU: Trabajo en Equipo
some ants are standing on top of each other in front of a tape measure ruler
Team of Ants Works Constructing, Teamwork Stock Image - Image of work, teamwork: 17037349
IMAGEN-5 Team of ants works constructing, teamwork
the silhouettes of horses and donkeys are drawn on paper
Lo que antes se llamaba “competencia” hoy son oportunidades de trabajo
a group of people riding bikes in front of each other with one person on the bike
Threat of Punishment Is Key to Cooperation
IMAGEN-3 cartoon, cooperate and punish
a group of men riding on top of a yellow boat in the ocean with megaphones
8,018 "bad Team Work" Images, Stock Photos, 3D objects, & Vectors | Shutterstock
EQUIPOS-1 Illustration of the bad team work (Business Image #17) - stock vector