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drinking glasses stein chalice sake tankard collins dizzy cocktail martini highball juice old fashioned lowball shot glass table water whiskey tumbler pilsner pint pony champagne cordial sherry. so you won't get caught serving with the wrong glass

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Great for learning about the senses (touch): The ABCs of Art- Learn about texture in design and art.

Fotos de la biografía

A different activity for the students learn adjectives related to character and personality. It has a picture dictionary on the first page (which can also be used as classroom poster or a st

hair vocabulary

hair vocabulary

Hairstyle Vocabulary in English | Getting a Haircut

Hairstyle Vocabulary in English

Hairstyle Vocabulary in English | Getting a Haircut


More practice to write dates. My previous worsheet teaches how to do it, so this worksheet could be used as classroom practice, homework or as a test. Apart from the 16 dates there are more pictures on the top.