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Baileys Poke Cake

Chocolate On Chocolate Poke Cake- Veganize this, I would die for this made with Kahlúa! Try baileys and whipped cream for topping instead of frosting

The best kind of love note. #food #baking #vday #valentines #valentinesday

Strawberry Love Notes

The best kind of love note. #food #baking #vday #valentines #valentinesday

Pasteles de mandarina /

Pasteles de mandarina

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Food art always catches our eyes, but it looks almost impossible to make if you're not a professional. Well, that's not true, you can still make food art, even if you don't know anything about it. Here are some easy and beautiful food art you can actually make.

18 Stunning Food Art You Can Actually Make

Rainbow Jello Mold using a bundt pan.what a fun dessert for a party or st. (birthday treats for men)

Juicy watermelon “cake” topped with sweetened whipped cream and tart berries.

Watermelon Cake Recipe Watermelon Cake Recipe and Tutorial: Cool and refreshing watermelon topped with homemade sweetened whipped cream.

Tiramisu fácil es una de las más deliciosas y simples recetas de tiramisu que podrás encontrar en la web. Atrévete a fascinar a tus invitados con ésta exquisitez!

I also saw on a different recipe that they added kalua to the coffe mixture what is the classic or traditional coffe mixture? Coffe and brandy?

Receta de Paletas de Gelatina y Yogurt

Paletas de Gelatina y Yogurt

Hoy Cocinas Tú: Tiramisú de manzana en vaso

Hoy Cocinas Tú: Tiramisú de manzana en vaso

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