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Vegetables in English - A chart with photos of vegetables and their names in English. Did you know that at least 6 of these "vegetables" are in fact Fruit. Find out which ones on our page where this chart is.

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Kids Pages - Vegetables 1 flash cards.

8 facts about #fruits and #veggies that will BLOW YOUR MIND.

8 Surprising Facts About Fruits and Veggies Infographic - When you venture out to the farmers market, you get more than just delicious, fresh foods. You also get health-boosting, disease-fighting nutrients and perfect appetite-satisfying weight-loss-indu

English vocabulary - purple fruit and vegetables!

Anything in this category will help improve circulation and prevent blood clots, so they are great for the heart and can help prevent heart disease. They are also known to help memory function and urinary tract health and to reduce free radical damage.

FRUTAS Y VERDURAS DE COLOR VERDE. Los nutrientes en los alimentos verdes ayudan con la visión, y con el mantenimiento de huesos y dientes fuertes. Algunos de los vegetales verdes amarillentos tienen los carotenoides luteína y zeaxantina que ayudan a prevenir las cataratas y enfermedades de los ojos, así como la osteoporosis.  Estos alimentos contienen sulforafano e índoles, que ambos ayudan a prevenir el cáncer. Son tambien buenos para el sistema circulatorio.

Green vegetables also help with vision, and with maintaining strong bones and teeth. Some of the yellower green vegetables have carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin that help to prevent cataracts and eye disease, as well as osteoporosis.


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