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Alfa One day we all end up Among the Stars, even the planets and suns everything else, we are all going somewhere for some reason, and I I don't think it's to become better Destroyers the cosmos does that well enough already

Estamos creciendo y pronto saldremos solos a casa los primos... Y a ver a la abuela creadora

Evidence strongly suggests that there was a beginning to our universe. If the universe did indeed have a beginning, by the simple logic of cause and effect, there had to be an agent – separate and apart from the effect – that caused it.


Its a Composite of 2 Shots. 1 took for Simple Milky Way and on Other Shot I did Zoom Burst Technique (Through Lens) on Pangong Lake, Ladakh, India. Milkyway (Milky Way) at Pangong Lake ( Pangong Tso ) , Ladakh, India.