wallet-sized measurement chart. perfect.

wallet-sized measurement chart: a little holiday gift for you

Child's Apron Pattern McCall's Cow Pig Chicken Bibbed Sash Tied Applique Children's Uncut Kid's Size 3 - 8 by SelmaLee on Etsy


Hacer un vestido niña fácil

Basic Pillowcase Dress ~ This tutorial for simple pillowcase dresses will knock your socks off. Love that pillowcase dresses are easy. Less time intensive than most dress patterns and more playful, too! Other easy sewing projects too

How to make organizer for headphones | Easy Craft Ideas

How to make organizer for headphones

DIY Blue Polka Dot Earphone Case -- Teenagers need these to keep their earbuds from getting tangled up in their book bags and purses.

Art Therapy: Sharing Directives. Website full of art directives

A spirit doll can be an amulet or a talisman. Protection or to attract positive energy. Making your own spirit dolls are so much fun and wildly creative! Magical, sweet, intuitive and inspiring. by Amanda Clark ( Earth Angels Art)

Easy Beginner Sewing Projects 15

25+ Easy Beginning Sewing Projects

Easy Beginner sewing project for kids: DIY Felt Pocket Kleenex Tissue Holders how do u sew a purse I wanna know I bben tryinn for ages plez haelp me by writing info delete dis wenn u doo