Game Of Thrones cast in real life slideshow

Kit Harington & Richard Madden Jon Snow and Robb Stark on Game of Thrones! ♥ these guys!

Ricky Martin

When I'm a rich and famous rock superstar - Ricky Martin will be my neighbor and will come over frequently without his shirt on, just to tease me, but I don't care.

John Legend shares mtDNA with the Fula people of Guinea-Bissau.

John Legend shares mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) with the Fula people of Guinea-Bissau.

POTENCIAL REFE LUZ Ben Robson Bello Magazine Abril 2015

Ben Robson para BELLO Magazine Abril 2015

Wagner Moura, amazing actor (famous for "Tropa de Elite")

Wagner Moura, amazing actor (Narcos: Netflix original, Elite Squad The Enemy Within, best-selling Brazilian film of all time.

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Those eyes.- Some new outtakes were released for that Travis Fimmel Flaunt magazine photoshoot (From Vikings) - Phwoar Crushes

Michael Madsen as Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs

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Victor "Vic" Vega (better known as Mr. Blonde) is one of the main characters in Quentin.

Michael Madsen ... double m ... i love him to pieces, and he's a poet

Michael Madsen circa Thelma and Louise/Reservoir Dogs era. What a complete bad ass and then, not so much. Still, I can't help loving the early years.