There's a word.

Vicki Anne Melo / Librocubicularist poster depicts woman reading in bed and word definition 'Librocubicularist - a person who reads in bed'

You're always better, book. Always.

It’s always better…

Oh so true. Especially for Percy Jackson.And Harry Potter.And Hunger Games. And every other series/book made into a movie.

The first step is admitting it, the second one is to keep reading…

The first step is admitting it, the second one is to keep reading…

25 signs you’re addicted to Books. Welcome to Bookaholics Anonymous. Hi my name is Hannah, and I'm addicted to books. Every year when I go backpacking, at least 5 pounds of the weight in my backpack is a thick hardcover.

Book humor.

A little book humor. Book "You look so much thinner!" Book "Thanks, I had my appendix removed.


Books are a hard-bound drug with no danger of an overdose. I am a happy victim of books. I am a very happy victim of "books"!

leer y viajar

Frase-cita de la semana: "To travel far, there is no better ship than a book.

so true.

Book Lover Gift Love of Reading Never Judge A Book By Its Movie - Christmas GIft for book lover J. Eagan quote - (You choose color)

Game of Thrones.

George R. Martin is a Master of Surprise - Dorkly Comic, george martin, game of thrones


26 Super Quotes on Why You Should Read Books. Here are some quotes on the act of reading and why it is important for you to cultivate the reading habit.

Stuck in a Good Book, Yea that'd be me :P

Funny pictures about When a good book ends. Oh, and cool pics about When a good book ends. Also, When a good book ends.

Book lovers never go to bed alone

"book lovers never go to bed alone". it all depends if you get the joke of going to bed with a book and reading in bed .let's hope librarians and book lovers have a sense of humor!