A bucket of letters made from scrap fabrics

a bucket of letters made from scrap fabrics. Great for little ones learning the alphabet or for spelling!// great idea for scrap fabric

Tips for sewing with minkie. SO good to know, I really want to make a certain someone a baby blanket with this stuff for her first little munchkin!

My Cotton Creations: Tips For Sewing With Minky Tips for sewing with minkie. Made lots of pillows with this and I wish I would have known what to do to help! Want great tips and hints about arts and crafts? Head to my amazing website!

letters from fabric scraps

Make plush alphabet sets from various fabric scraps with magnets inside; then stick on the side of the fridge or freezer. From Chez Beeper Bebe.

13 Phonics Activities teaching kids How to Read from Kids Activities Blog.

{How to Read} Our Favorite Phonics Activities

Phonics Pin Phonics activities that include multiple activities and methods to use to help students learn phonics. One example is pull-out strips to help kids sound out words. As they pull the paper more of the word is revealed for them to sound it out.

pre-writing activities for preschoolers

Get Ready To Write Activities (No worksheets!)

Writing Center - Language Center - Writing/Literacy Area - Great pre-writing activities for preschool and kindergarten that focus on development not worksheets.

Tortitas de calabaza.

Tortitas de calabaza. Para una sana merienda de los niños

Serves 4 Pumpkins are plentiful, nutritious, and inexpensive, so why not take advantage of their delectable flavor? These easy-to-whip-up pancakes are favo

Lego letter Building Activity

LEGO and Unifix Alphabet Building Letters Activity

Set up this very simple and fun LEGO and Unifix alphabet letter building activity for great hands on learning through play! Build your own alphabet!