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This has kept us busy all week! Such a genius invention 🤯 !
a purple truck parked in front of a white building
purple f150
a purple truck is parked on some rocks in the woods and it looks like it's ready to go off road
Ford Raptor
blue bananas grown in the hawaiian islands, tastes like vanilla ice cream you telling me i could have been eating blue bananas this whole time?
Blue Java Banana, grown in the Hawaiian Islands, tastes like vanilla ice cream. om N rSoWhat You telling me I could have been eating blue bananas this whole time? - iFunny
I'll toast to that
I'll toast to that
a man laying on top of a rug next to a dog with his head down
This Viral Text Message Is a Beautiful Reminder to Tell Your Parents You Love Them — Best Life
a table topped with lots of photos and magnets
DIY Family Guess Who
a wooden table with flowers and gardening tools on it in the middle of some grass
Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens, Bucyrus, Kansas. USA.
Have you heard of Archery Dodgeball?