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Why did so many different ancient cultures, in so many different places around the world, use such large and cumbersome building blocks to construct their temples & fortresses, when they appare…

Inca’s stone masonry: Part of a wall in Macchu Picchu, Peru. Ancient architecture at its finest. No Mortar used to create these walls. Each stone fits so perfectly together that you cannot fit a piece of paper through a crack!

piedras megalíticas en Baalbeck, Puma Punku, Machu Pichu, Sacsayhuamán, Egipto y mas lugares… ...

Knowledge given to the nephilim/offspring of the fallen angels which was forbidden by Yhwh! ACHAMAN GUAÑOC: Prueba De Que Las Tecnologías Antiguas se Adelantaron A Su Tiempo…(I)

Palenque archaeological site, Chiapas, México

Temple of the Cross at the Mayan site of Palenque, Mexico (by Dennis) Templo de la Cruz en el sitio maya de Palenque , México

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Ancient Artefacts showing Darwinism/Evolution to be wrong

Klerksdorp spheres "By all scientific accounts, theses rounded objects found in pyrophyllite deposits around Ottosdal, South Africa are three billion-year-old rocks that were naturally formed by carbonate concretions.