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Awesome 3D Street Art

British artist Joe Hill created the world’s largest and longest anamorphic street painting in the Canary Wharf district of London back in November of The square foot painting was sponsored by Reebok CrossFit and it took seven days to create it.


Angel's Wings from the TV series, Supernatural. I love the burnt out wings of the angels when they die. It's sad, but they're beautiful "fallen angel" dp


"Ludovic Florent's series "Poussières d’étoiles" (Stardust). The French photographer captures the movements of nude dancers. Although I think some of them show a bit too much nudity, this one is a beautiful expression of freedom.

— Daniela Dahf Henríquez @anamcmahon99 ♥

— Daniela Dahf Henríquez - a very cute illustration of a blushing panda wearing a jumper holding a flower in it's paws!