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Así hubieras visto el Partenón (y otros seis monumentos famosos) de haber hecho turismo hace 2.500 años
Así hubieras visto el Partenón (y otros seis monumentos famosos) de haber hecho turismo hace 2.500 años | Blog Paco Nadal | EL PAÍS
an image of a building that looks like it has columns and pillars on the front
Greek Acropolis in the Mediterranean
Greek Acropolis in the Mediterranean - YouTube
Santorini Volcano History on Vimeo Greek Islands, Islands, Youtube, Volcanoes, Destinations, Santorini Island, Santorini Greece, Greek Isles
Santorini Volcano History
Santorini Volcano History on Vimeo
the word greece written in blue and white letters on top of a rock with mountains in the background
BEST VIEWED IN FULLSCREEN HD - SCALING OFF - This is a collection of timelapse and video footage I recorded with Nikon D700, D7000 and GoPro cameras over 16…
a statue of a man with braids on it's head is shown in front of a dark background
The so-called "Milani Apollo" (no longer thought to represent Apollo) or "Milani kouros" (see on Arachne). Attributed to Attic production (late in, or following, Richter's Tenea-Volomandra group). White island marble (Parian?), dated ca. 560-550 (Richter), 550-540, or 540-530 (Paribeni) BCE. It takes its name from Luigi Milani, director of the Florence museum, who acquired the sculpture in 1902. It was purchased at Osimo (AN), loc. Monte Torto, in the Marche region of Italy, from the colle...
an ornate gold vase on display in a museum
An ornate bronze Lychnouchos (Lantern) embellished with reliefs of the god Pan from the tomb of King Philip II of Macedon Greek 336 BCE
This ornate bronze lantern housing a black-glazed terracotta lamp illustrates the originality and sophistication of the metal workshops that produced wares for the Macedonian court. The relief masks represent the god Pan and the decoration of the ivy leaf suggest this lantern was used during royal symposia. Photographed at the exhibit "The Greeks: Agamemnon to Alexander the Great" at The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois.
an image of the earth from space looking like it has been taken in some time
Wikiwand - Pelión
From Wikiwand: Vista satelital de la península de Pilio, con el macizo.
an old photo of the ruins of some buildings
Marcela Zapata-Meza on Twitter
Primeira fotografía coñecida da Acrópole
the mountains are covered with trees and bushes
Delphi, Mount Parnassus
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the ruins are surrounded by mountains and trees
Delphi, Mount Parnassus
the view from an airplane window looking out at mountains and water
Golfo de Corinto y Monte Parnaso
Golfo de Corinto (en primer plano, con la costa meridional de Grecia central) y Monte Parnaso (a nuestra derecha). Delfos se encuentra entre las dos montañas nevadas, en el centro, tierra adentro. Tomada el 20 de marzo de 2010, a las 10:00 h.
the mountains are covered in clouds and trees
Olimpos - Behtes
East peaks of Olimpos mountain from Behtes
the mountains are covered in snow and pine tree's under a clear blue sky
Olimpos Wide View
Wide view from the west side of Olimpos
a mountain range with trees and snow covered mountains in the background
Olimpos south side
the sun is setting over the ocean on top of a hill
Cabo Sunión