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a drawing of a woman's face with green leaves on her head and long hair
Illustrations by Tania Estevez | Inspiration Grid
Tania Estevez is an artist working mostly with traditional techniques, using watercolors, graphite, acrylics and ink to create representations of nature and body with conceptual and poetic ideas. "My work often shows the female body and the relationship between people and nature. Also I like to explore contrast and ideas with these two concepts. Through painting I try to develop a dialog between realistic and abstract forms based on feelings making the viewer create personal association...
a drawing of a woman with her hair blowing in the wind
a poster with an image of a woman's face and the words adelle on it
La Boca : Adele
Design studio La Boca created limited edition posters for Adele’s European tour. Each night a poster designed for that city and venue was released in an…
a woman's face is painted with watercolors
Ilustración de Conrad Roset. Client: Fred Meyers Jewelry Agency: McKee Wallwork Cleveland
multiple images of different shapes and sizes of objects
curated contemporary art /// adam hale aka mr.splice
hand-cut collages by adam hale aka mr.splice
a watercolor painting of a pink flamingo
UNIQUE PARTY 28457 - Glitz Blue 16th Birthday Paper Napkins, Pack of 16
LINE BOTWIN "girly illustrations" #chic #fashion #girly #illustration "Flamingo"…
a red poster with a white flower in the shape of a woman's head
Coca-Cola: Kiss
Coca-Cola: Kiss
a painting of a man with a green suit and tie on his head, standing in front of a white wall
iCanvas 'Green Coat Girl - Judith van den Hoek' Giclée Print Canvas Art | Nordstrom
iCanvas 'Green Coat Girl - Judith van den Hoek' Giclée Print Canvas Art available at #Nordstrom
two zebras and three elephants are standing in the grass
Creatividad. Esto es la #solucion por la que apuesta esta empresa para destacar.
a line drawing of a man's face with three circles above his head and one circle above his head
Mezyk & Moriceau
three little animals standing next to each other in front of a pink and white triangle
a painting of a girl holding an umbrella with the words what makes life simple?
What makes life simple? Illustration for the Flow Magazine-special Simplify your life 1 by Bonnie Dain
Ilustration Die, Hobby, Girl Drawing