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sketches of different types of furniture on a white background, including a couch and chair
an architectural drawing of a building with the words the concept below it
the inside of a wooden boat looking out at water and land through a round window
Piece of heaven on earth
several unfinished pieces of wood sitting on top of cardboard
Mi Dieta Balanceada
La enseñanza de la arquitectura sustentable: Seis proyectos en el Cajón del Maipo / RIO VOLCAN. BAÑOS COLINA BY CRISTOBAL GARCIA DE LA HUERTA
a drawing of a living room with a dresser and chair in front of a mirror
a drawing of a black couch and green plant
Quick sketch #interiordesign #interiorsketch #markersketch #graphicdesign #art #artsketch #designbook #sketchbook #markers…
a drawing of a kitchen with an island in the middle and stools at the end
Interior sketching
Interior hand visualizations I created used copic markers and pen on special markers paper
the color scheme for an image on facebook
a bathroom with hexagonal tiles on the floor and walls in black and white
Bricmate U Hexagon Large Carrara Honed, 10x10 Bricmate U Hexagon Large Green Polished, 10x10 #grönmarmor #badrumsinspiration
a bedroom with green watercolor paint on the wall
Reformas integrales Madrid | Plan Reforma
reformar casa madrid pintar
three diagrams showing different angles and directions for the building's roof, from top to bottom
Perspective Basics by BlueRoseArkelle on DeviantArt
Fundamentos Perspectiva de BlueRoseArkelle
a drawing of an open door with a pink and white curtain hanging from it's side
Boceto de escenografía: "La Avería". Premio Max 2011. Espacio escénico: Andrea D'Odorico
a drawing of a building with a waterfall
an architectural drawing of a wooden structure and the details shown below it are drawn in pencil
Detalles constructivos | DiseñoBásico.com
Inspiraciones mediterraneament
Inspiraciones mediterraneament
a drawing of a floor plan for a house
Proyectos y Direción de Obras de Decoración | DiseñoBásico.com
Proyectos y Direción de Obras de Decoración
a drawing of a floor plan for a house
Proyectos y Direción de Obras de Decoración | DiseñoBásico.com
Proyectos y Direción de Obras de Decoración
an industrial style kitchen with stainless steel appliances and counter tops, along with exposed brick walls
A Kitchen With Industrial Look Designed by Tom Dixon
'Beam' kitchen by Tom Dixon for Lindholdt
three small white houses with red roof and two green one on each side, in front of a white background
Crudo Luz | DiseñoBásico.com
Crudo Luz
a group of people standing next to each other in front of a blue and yellow floor
Premios de los Concursos de Diseño de CEVISAMA LAB | DiseñoBásico.com
Premios de los Concursos de Diseño de CEVISAMA LAB
Tendencias cromáticas Sakura, Pandora, Pandora Screenshot
Tendencias cromáticas | DiseñoBásico.com
Tendencias cromáticas
a white room with two chairs and a window
Sommarhus med veranda
Smart and stylish storage that swallows everything.
a white spiral staircase in the middle of a room
Ols House / J. Mayer H. Architects
© David Franck Arquitectos: J. Mayer H. Architects Equipo De Diseño: Juergen Mayer H., Marcus Blum, Sebastian Finckh, Paul Angelier, Hugo Reis, Julian Blümle El elemento central es una escultural escalera que conecta los tres niveles.
a blurry image of a person's feet and hand on a computer keyboard
ProductFIND by Interior Design
Nuevos Productos Textiles, estilos y diseños modernos de tela | Diseño de Interiores
several white balls hanging from the ceiling in an empty room with no one around them
Exposición de los proyectos de los alumnos del Máster de Diseño de Interiores 2012-2013.