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some pens and markers are laying on top of a sheet of paper
Design 3301 | Just another u.osu.edu site | Page 3
a drawing of a pink chair in front of a black and white striped wallpaper
gimsblog - Estudio y blog de interiorismo y decoración
a drawing of a car is shown in blue ink on a piece of white paper
a drawing of a bottle that is on top of a piece of paper
Design Sketches
Design Sketches | HakanGursu
an artistic sculpture on the side of a road with cars parked in front of it
Seattle’s Newest Jewel
TYPEWRITER ERASER, SCALE X FABRICATED 1999 CLAES OLDENBURG AND COOSJE VAN BRUGGEN Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen fabricate large-scale outdoor sculptures inspired by popular commercial objects. Inflated to a colossal scale and imbued with decidedly figurative characteristics, these familiar items, such as the typewriter eraser, are unlikely public monuments: images recognized by many, but ambiguous as civic messages.
a pencil drawing of some buildings on the side of a road with trees and bushes
Studio Rysunku Koletek
Studio Rysunku Koletek
three different views of the same object in blue and yellow ink, with instructions to draw them
a chair with a potted plant sitting on top of it
Sketch - #sketch
two sports cars are parked next to each other
Legendary French Designer Paints Vivid Automotive Art
a painting of a red sports car parked in front of a building
Paul Bracq - Ferrari 348 Rendering
a drawing of a car on a multicolored background
Legendary French Designer Paints Vivid Automotive Art
BMW Concept