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Spanish Materials (A1)

Great materials for teaching and learning Spanish for Foreigners (Español para Extranjeros) - Beginner's Level (A1)
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Vintage Spanish Words For Passionate Readers
Spanish Lesson: La Plaza De España De Sevilla
Spanish Lesson: Los Pueblos Mágicos De México

leer en español

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Subjunctive vs Indicative in Spanish: Learn How To Use Them!
How to Describe Your Childhood in Spanish
Tell Your Stories in Spanish Using the Preterite and Imperfect Tense [Audio]

gramática avanzada

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The 10 Best Slang Expressions In Spanish
Talking About the Weather in Spanish: 77 Spanish Weather Words (and Phrases) that are Good to Know
How To Talk About Tech And The Internet In Spanish

vocabularios otros temas

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Common Irregular Informal Commands in Spanish
How to Form Nosotros Commands in Spanish: Let's Get to It!
How to Use Object Pronouns In Spanish Commands


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Hacer Conjugation: Free Spanish Lesson, Exercises, and PDF
Tener Conjugation: Free Spanish Lesson, Exercises, and PDF
Haber Conjugation: Free Spanish Lesson, Exercises, and PDF

verbos conjugados - varios tiempos

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Take the “stress” out of word-stress
In this guide, you will learn some of the key Spanish accent marks and how to type Spanish accents using your computers, macs, and mobile phones.
Porqué vs por qué: get to know the differences - italki

escribir en español

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Do They Really Take Siestas In Spain?
Ya se siente la navidad por todos lados: casas, calles, escuelas, centros comerciales, zócalos... Es
Cada 23 de abril se celebra el "Día Mundial del Idioma Español" en honor al escritor Miguel de Cerva

curiosidades de lengua/cultura

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How To Do Barcelona In Only One Day
Mexico City Travel Guide: What To Do And How To Prepare
Valencia: Spain’s Secret, Alternative City To Learn Spanish

turismo en español

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How ‘Latinx’ Is Leading The Resistance Against Gendered Languages
Your Favorite Blog to Learn Spanish - Homeschool Spanish Academy
Articles/Posts (go here to start learning Spanish!) Archives - Learn Spanish with Andrew

actualidad y noticias

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How to Learn the Future Tense in Spanish - an Easy Guide
The Future Tense in Spanish Using the Present (Say What!?)
The Future Simple Tense in Spanish: el futuro simple


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Quiz: Can You Avoid These Common Mexican Vs. European Spanish Mistakes?
Quiz: Can You Spot The Spanish Grammar Mistake?
A1-A2 Archives - Página 3 de 4 - Spanish Unicorn

ejercicios variados

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Spanish For Business: 18 Phrases To Know When Working Abroad
Learn the Basics: Spanish Workplace Vocabulary, Grammar, and Phrases
How to Interview Someone in Spanish

español para profesionales

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11 Wacky Holiday Traditions Around The World
Party Around The World: How To Celebrate Carnival In 6 Languages!
All About The Barranquilla Carnival


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How to Use Reflexive Verbs in Spanish - Easy-to-Follow Guide with Reflexive Verbs List
If you are reading this it’s because you have probably been struggling trying to learn and underst
Master Reflexive Verbs in Spanish Grammar


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Spanish Unicorn - Ejercicios de español
A1-A2 Archives - Página 2 de 4 - Spanish Unicorn
A1-A2 Archives - Spanish Unicorn


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Cuando aprendemos una nueva lengua no sólo queremos poder comunicarnos, lo que queremos es comunicar
There are a lot of Spanish idioms which are widely used in Spanish daily conversation. Some idioms are quite understandable when they’re translated directly without additional knowledge of cultural characteristics. But other Spanish idioms require further explanation. Knowledge and appropriate usage of idioms distinguish a native-level speakers from an intermediate…
How to Use the Expression ‘Hacer Caso’ in Spanish

expresiones idiomáticas

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Master the 18 Spanish Tenses (and Take Our Cheat Sheet With You)
Spanish Gerunds: The Ultimate Guide to the Progressive Tenses
To form the conditional of -AR, -ER, and -IR verbs, add the following endings to the infinitive:

tiempos verbales

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Por vs. Para in Spanish: The Ultimate Guide
The Most Common Spanish Prepositions And How To Use Them
Master the Use of Prepositional Pronouns in Spanish With 7 Easy Steps

preposiciones en español

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Just Roll with It: The Ultimate Guide for How to Roll Your Rs | FluentU Language Learning
Las palabras homófonas son aquellas que suenan igual, pero se escriben y significan cosas completame
Una de las dificultades cuando se aprende a escribir en Español son las tildes. ¿Cuándo usarlas? Emp

pronunciación en español

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25+ Spanish Slang Words and Phrases You Won't Learn from a Textbook [With Examples]
The 10 Best Slang Expressions In Spanish
Spanish Slang Through The Decades

slang en español

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Aquí vs Acá: The Ultimate Guide to 'Here' in Spanish
Afuera vs Fuera: Spanish Adverbs of Position
Afuera vs Fuera: Spanish Adverbs of Position

expresiones de lugar

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15 Traduções vergonhosas feitas por algumas pessoas que confiaram demais nos tradutores automáticos
15 Traduções vergonhosas feitas por algumas pessoas que confiaram demais nos tradutores automáticos
Sólo Por Moda: Chuleta de inglés

humor en español

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The 10+ Best Spanish Movies on Netflix for Spanish Learners
Listen to Music in Spanish: 10 Fun Spanish Songs to Help You Learn Spanish Faster » Fluent in 3 Months
20+ Resources for Spanish Reading Practice (Beginner to Intermediate)

recursos para aprender

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A Cultural History Of The Avocado
Mezcal vs. Tequila: Everything You Need To Know About These Mexican Spirits
The Definitive Guide To Mexican Salsas (With A Heat Scale)

cultura y gastronomía

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12 Items You Need To Know To Understand Día De Muertos
6 Books by Marie Arana: Multiculturalism in Literature
6 Daniel Alarcón Books to Motivate Spanish Learners

lengua y cultura

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