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a cell phone sitting on top of a table next to small skulls and other items
"Be yourself; because an original is worth more than a copy..." #dinamicmanifesto #dinamicbrain
a car driving down the road with a pink sky behind it and a quote about authenticity
DinamicBrain UV {Smart Agency}
"Authenticity is what inspired people. If you want to lead people, you have to show them who you really are." ‪#‎cameronhowe‬ ‪#‎dinamicmanifesto‬ ‪#‎liderazgo‬ ‪#‎inspiración‬
an image of a sheep with a quote on it
"Observe your users to find out what they need. If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said 'Faster Horses'" - Henry Ford #dinamicmanifesto
a chinese zodiac sign with an animal on it's back and colorful geometric shapes in the background
Feliz año nuevo #Chino, que la #Cabra 羊 os proteja!!! #dinamiclifestyle
a tall building sitting in the middle of a foggy sky with words above it
"Todas las cosas tienen su NOMBRE NATURAL, hay que encontrarlo" #platon #dinamicmanifesto
the details are not the details they make the design charles eames quote on wood
#22 DinamicManifesto
an image of a tree with the words el numero de los que nos envididan confirma nuestras capacidados
#21 DinamicManifesto
#20 DinamicManifiesto Isaac Asimov, Calm, Keep Calm Artwork, Artwork, Calm Artwork
#20 DinamicManifiesto
a quote on work for a cause, not for applause live life to express not to impress
#19 DinamicManifiesto
sunflowers in front of a black building with a quote about repuptation is what other people know about what you know about yourself
#18 DinamicManifiesto
a black and white photo of a man with the words futuro depene de como entendamos el pasdo
#17 DinamicManifiesto
there are many statues in the water and one is saying, design thinking is the glue between all disposings
#16 DinamicManifiesto
#15 DinamicManifiesto
#15 DinamicManifiesto
an aerial view of clouds and water with the words presente, por que en el vibras del resto de tu via
#14 DinamicManifiesto
there is a sign with pictures on it
#13 DinamicManifiesto