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Hekate's Trident, Vector by Alchemy-stock This is a chimeric symbol, merging the planetary symbols for Uranus (Sky), Neptune (Sea) and Terra (Earth).

Link to finished work if possible. Not restricted to use on deviantART. Single-size vector depiction of Hekate& Trident. Hekate is the Grecian Trifold goddess who guards the un.

Sigillo protezione per grimorio

dreamybruha: “ “Nobody reads this grimoire without my consent.” I bought a nice and nifty notebook to serve as my first grimoire; Place this in the first page of your grimoire to ward off unwanted people to read.

tatuaje ojo Okan Uçkun surrealista

Istanbul-based artist Okan Uçkun composes stunning tattoos using minimal amounts of lines and ink. The subtle, monochromatic body art combines bold geometric shapes with naturalistic subjects such as