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Impresionante hiperrealismo de ojos hechos con lápiz de color

Texas-based artist Jose Vergara (a. Redosking), a self-described “graffiti artist with a Medieval heart,” brings colored pencil art to a higher level. The artist uses them to create impressively realistic drawings.

Nebulosa del cangrejo. 6500 años luz en nuestra galaxia, aún cerca.

thedemon-hauntedworld: “ Helix Nebula Credit: Cosmos The Helix Nebula in the constellation of Aquarius lies about 700 light-years away. I have read that it is referred as *The Eye of God*

Retina. Andy Fischer (2008). This image of a chick's retina reveals the three basic stages of visual processing by the circuit in the eye that detects light and transforms it into signals the brain can understand. At the top of the image are the retina's photoreceptor cells (in gray)--the familiar rods and cones--that capture photons of light and translate them into electrical currents.

Vertical section of a chick retina [source] Domestic chicks have a tetrachromatic colour vision, while humans have a trichromatic one. In fact in a chick retina there are four types of.