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Discover The Art of Simon Stålenhag, a Swedish concept designer and author of Ur Varselklotet. Simon Stålenhag (b. is best known for his highly imagi

レトロな時代背景に機械的なSF要素。戦争を描いた空想世界 (2)

the work of digital artist Jakub Rozalski. He has been busy creating more immersive landscapes that combine turn-of-the-twentieth-century Polish countrysides with werewolves and robots.

Get a kick out of science fiction? If so, then you’ll love the digital artwork by Jakub Rozalski, a concept artist and illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany.

Works from Jakub Rozalski's 1920+ Series - Album on Imgur

- Warlord’ second concpet art/illustration from my personal historical/fiction project it was a very early stage, still I was looking for style & atmosphere, especially when it comes to mech design :] the mech is based on the amazing.

TVC News Events with Prokhorova on Behance... - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All

Alexander Zhilkin Created in MadPixel for Design: TVC News Events with Prokhorova