Enso and lotus. This would be perfect if it had a Tibetan Puzzle Knot behind it, considering the ēnso is Japanese Buddhism, the lotus is Indian and Tibet is also one of the major cultural lines of Buddhism. I... seriously adore this. To the point where I want it, the ēnso in blue, melding into pink for the lotus, and with the puzzle knot behind it, in red or yellow (since those are the colours of Tibetan Buddhists). Now if only I could think of something relating to Vietnamese Buddhism...

Good Communication Begins Within

logo -Enso Lotus - I love the Enso and this one is a favorite because it includes the Lotus flower. Symbolism of the Enso includes enlightenment. One symbolic meaning of the Lotus, related to Buddhism is fortune. This design is by Aaron Robinson.

Fibonacci Tattoo

hoeirl: Fibonacci Tattoo (Lost in America)