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Seen on a farm driving through Aberdeen MS - funny, seen, farm, driving, aberdeen.


Pets are people’s best friends… specially children! It is important that children are taught the skills to behave safely around animals and to prevent and recognise any problems that may [.

What a cute kitty.

Cats with big eyes absolutely hypnotize me. My Violet is a silly thing with little personality, but when I catch her gaze I just love her to pieces!


A Golden Retriver, 8 Birds and A Hamster. Based in Brazil, along with his human owner and at least eight pet birds, ‘Bob’ is a golden retriever and his best friends–a chubby hamster and eight birds.

Christmas, kitty in a box. Hanukkah, kitty in a box. Kwanzaa, kitty in a box. Every single holiday, kitty in a box.