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several old books tied together in a book shelf with twine on the top and bottom
Ideas para decorar tu habitación o depa con tus libros favoritos
the vintage book is sitting on top of some books and tied with twine ribbons
Guest Post: Vintage Book Tutorial - Stickers and Stilettos
Guest Post: Vintage Book Tutorial - Stickers and Stilettos
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place
Book Porn: Photo
there are pictures of kitchen utensils on the wall and in front of the table
Une touche de néon
a room with a blue door and yellow chair next to a table in the middle
- INSPIRATION DAY - Encanto de colores vitales
a pink table in a white room with pictures on the wall and drawers below it
Diariodeco 8, espacios de trabajo - Tu Cajón Vintage - Fotografía
Tu Cajón Vintage: Diariodeco 8, espacios de trabajo #diariodeco8
there are many pens and pencils in the silver vase on the table next to the mirror
BLOG | graciawassink
Art supplies stored in silver serving pieces
an old desk with a chair next to it and a potted plant on top
Me encanta el verano, bueno la verdad es que adoro el verano. Sus colores, ese sol maravilloso que nos deslumbra todos los días llenándonos de energía y de ganas de vivir.Por eso cuando pa...