Abreviaturas Puntos crochet en español e ingles! El cuadro incluye el símbolo, el nombre del punto en español e inglés, la abreviatura en español e inglés, y, en algunos puntos, cuantas cadenas hay que tejer al dar la vuelta al tejido! Crochet abbreviations table!

Let's check our knowledge of crochet theory. Which crochet stitches can you recognize from the pictures and signs?

Magic circle crochet tutorial - Easy step-by-step directions!

de magische ring - the magic circle (Bees and Appletrees)

Círculo mágico - crochet - Magic circle crochet tutorial - Easy step-by-step directions! I have been crocheting for longer than I want to admit and this is the one thing that still evades me.

Cómo tejer un cesto multiuso de trapillo - YouTube

En este tutorial de Santa Pazienzia enseño cחחיחח ómo tejer un cesto con trapillo.

EL SALÓN DE LA AMISTAD (pág. 40) | Aprender manualidades es facilisimo.com


[Free Pattern]These Colourful Little Baskets Are Adorable!

Hello again! Today I am sharing with you a pattern to create mini crochet baskets which are totally functional and super cute! I made a couple of them for drawer organizers because lord knows my …

Lindo Cachivache: Tutorial Granny Square

Granny Square Tutorial and free pattern! It needs a translation;but it's easy to do and tute and pattern seem accurate.Thanks for sharing!

Fiber Flux: Free Crochet Pattern...Heathered Eyelets Wrap

The Heathered Eyelets Wrap is modern, beautiful and easy to work up. Basic stitches produce beautiful eyelets, making it a fun project to crochet and is perfect for anytime of year. Self-striping ya